What to Expect
When You Reach Out To 988

We talked to residents throughout Louisiana, and we heard you –
it helps to know what to expect when you contact 988.

Here’s what happens when you reach out to 988

You may be asked if you want to connect to any specialized services, like the Veterans Crisis Line, 988 specialists who focus on helping LGBTQ+ youth under 25, or if you prefer Spanish.

You’ll be quickly connected to a 988 specialist.

Your 988 specialist will listen without judgment and help you reduce the intense feelings you may be dealing with.

Your 988 specialist can also connect you to local resources and longer-term support (like therapists or drug or alcohol recovery services).

All calls are free and confidential. You'll always be treated with dignity.
Most people get the help they need, right in the moment.

Who are the 988 specialists?

    All 988 specialists are:

  • Experts with the skills to listen without judgment help you reduce the intense feelings you may be dealing with when you reach out, and find local resources.

  • Dedicated to your privacy. You do not need to say who you are or where you are, and everything you talk about will be kept between you and the 988 specialist.

  • Connected to local resources. 988 specialists can connect you to all types of local help, like housing, financial assistance, longer-term mental health support (like therapists), and drug or alcohol recovery services.

  • Compassionate. There is no judgment. You will always be treated with dignity and respect.

Have questions about 988?